Monday, March 16, 2009

10 - AIIMS june 1999 microbiology mcqs

1q: which of the following is not seen in HIV patient with CD4 count less than 100 per microlitre , who has not productive cough ?

a. mycobacterium tuberculosis
b. pneumocystis carinii
c. mycoplasma pneumoniae
d. cryptococcal infection

2q: risk of pneumococcal meningitis is seen in ?

a. post splenectomy patient
b. patient undergone neurosurgical intervention
c. patient following cardiac surgery
d. patient with hypoplasia of lung

3q: which fungal infection is commonest to occur in neutropenia ?

a. candida
b. histoplasma
c. aspergillus niger
d. aspergillus fumigatus

4q: all are true about rickettsia except ?

a. obligate intracellular
b. gram positive bacillus
c. arthropods are vectors
d. weil felix test is diagnostic

5q: all are true about enterohaemorrhagic E.coli except ?

a. sereny test positive
b. may cause diarrhea
c. can cause hemolytic uremic syndrome
d. verocytotoxin is produced

6q: all of the following are true regarding typhoid except ?

a. urinary carriers are more dangerous
b. Vi ab is used for detecting carrier
c. Vi is seen in normal population
d. Urine carrier is associated with anomalies

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